Don’t worry. We’ve all been through this struggle, like seriously. But the more you know, the more you grow! And if knowledge is the key to success, you can consider this locksmith school, because in this article we are going to be unlocking doors!  

I’ve been an igaming affiliate for many years now, and when I first started out, I managed to get quite a lot of people to my websites, but hardly anyone was clicking away onto my affiliate offers. It was frustrating, sure, and as time passed by it prompted me into making my site more spammier and uglier than ever. In the end no-one wanted to stay on my site because of the sheer amount of spam I had on it trying to get people clicking off onto my offers.

But not to worry. There is a remedy for that, just bare with me.

First of all, understand that a good clickthrough rate is anything above 1%

Yup, out of that 1000 people that visit your site, about ten of them are going to click your links. But there are a few tips and tricks you can use to increase that number slightly, such as writing intriguing meta descriptions. That said, if you get about ten clicks out to your affiliate offers from a thousand visitors, then you’re doing pretty well. And if one of them signs up to your offer, then you’re doing amazing. So don’t get too caught up in the frustration of people coming to your links.

Think about the way you browse the web yourself. How many links do you click on versus the number of articles you read, right? Yeah, see, there we go.

Keep a clean site. Don’t spam it up.

The reason the daily mail and the guardian get away with spamming their sites to the point that your browser wont function properly is because people are going to read those anyway. They are popular newspapers and in the public eye. Whereas you are just you, little no-one from nowhere, if people see spam, you’ll not get them back.

Keep as few advertisements as you can on your site, keep them focused, and make sure most of the links on your site are only leading them to one to four places. Don’t link out to everywhere, you don’t want to lose your customers to your competition.

Your viewers will appreciate a site that doesn’t fill their browsers with spammy ads & videos. If you have to use ads, then at least make them beneficial to those that use your site. If you’re a recovery and addiction site, don’t place ads for drugs and alcohol. Right...? Right...?

Keep it laser focused

The biggest mistake I made with my first ever website was that I tried to post about all sorts of topics and I also tried to sign up to a million affiliate programs. That’s really not going to work if you want your visitors to come back for more. There really won’t be any loyalty to your site if you create a zillion topics with a zillion products. People will need to know what they are coming in for and what they will receive before they click. If you don’t know where your head is at then how will they?