Why You Should Always Stick To Evergreen Content On Your Affiliate Website

More then a handful of people have asked to give my honest opinion on their blog posts, and I’ve asked them if they think their blog will be relevant in two to five years from now, and many of them had to honestly answer, no.  

The idea of evergreen content is to ensure that if a hundred years from now someone picked my computer out of the rubble and grabbed one of the affiliate posts I was planning to put online, then it would be absolutely relevant even then, a hundred years later.

You see, ever green content doesn’t die like other content would. If say you were writing about trends at Easter Sunday and wanted people to stock up on their chocolate that weekend, then you might find that your content will be only relevant for maybe once a year, and it might be out of date the following year. Food trends move vastly.

What kind of ideas are evergreen content? Well, you need to think of what will there always be a demand for? There will always be a demand for relationships, and also, there will always be a demand for food. You could start up a dating website; your articles will be forever relevant. People will change but the way in which they court rarely moves. There might be a slight change every ten or so years, but you have ample time to amend your content for that.

Then there’s a food blog for example. People will always need to eat. I still pick out “nans old recipe’s” from the kitchen cupboard when I need some inspiration. Whatever you write on a food blog will be forever relevant. Even and old recipe from fifty years ago is still relevant today. Creating new and inspiring new recipes will forever engage your audience new and returning.

I’m a online gambling affiliate myself. I write about casinos and the way in which they can bring entertainment to our lives. Well, to those that like a gamble. Gambling and casinos will always be relevant. In fact, if you look at gambling, it’s amongst the oldest things we have done in community groups. For thousands of years we have gambled. So, gambling is right up there with food and relationships.

Why is it best to create evergreen content? Well, the idea that four years from now a consumer can come in and read a four year old post of yours, and even although it’s nearly half a decade old, they will like the post and you will get yourself a commission from it. Of course, it’s really not as simple as that, but that’s the whole concept at its most foundational. You can still make sales from content you wrote four, five, even six years ago. An example of Evergreen Content vs Seasonal Content would be writing about Mobile Friendly Casinos vs a recent holiday bonus promotion that is likely to expire once the holiday has passed.

Also, it might be worth noting that since evergreen content is always relevant then there will be a near unlimited posts you can write about relating to the subject. There’s only so much you can write about the Super Bowl for instance. It happens once per year and it’s very niche in the sense of how many people like that sort of sport. But then take relationships, foods, or casinos, and since they happen daily, and is practiced by millions all across the world, then the opportunities for writing topics on the subject are quite literally endless.