It seems there is an affiliate program for almost every product and service online. Yet to be successful with these programs you need to establish yourself with a large and loyal customer base, be it followers for social media influences, or visitors for webmasters. This is largely due to the fact that most affiliate programs are designed to pay in terms of volume for sale. Many of these programs pay affiliates a very small percentage of the profits they generate from your traffic. This often works out to be relatively the same no matter if you’re working on a Revenue Share, or CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) model. Without a large volume of sales, one would be unlikely to make a living from what may seem like a never ending amount of work.

Don’t get me wrong, this works very well for some affiliates. Some people do acquire a large following and become very profitable. But think back to why you wanted to be an affiliate in the first place. Sure, setting your own hours is amazing, and for those who actually have the drive and work ethic, I highly encourage everyone to self reliant. But 5% profit per sale, on items that range from $1 to $1,000 is going to take some serious volume to be profitable.

So let’s think outside the box a little, and look into some of the highest paying affiliate programs that are freely available for anyone to join. Now that we are self-employed, we need to start thinking like a boss, and time is money. Lets forget any test programs, and focus on known programs with real reviews and proven track records. If we are doing all the marketing, sales pitches, advertising, and SEO for a product or service, let’s look for a program that pays no less than 30% on each sale. After all, we are driving all the traffic, without us, this sale wouldn’t even be taking place. Next we need to find a product or service that is actually in high demand. Something that people want, and will keep coming back for. It would also be nice is this could be a source of residual income. You know, where you make a sale, and then continue to earn on future purchases of the same service.

Okay, enough with the suspense. Let me tell you a bit about myself, and share some of the programs that actually fit all the above criteria.

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