Motivating yourself to write daily when you have no energy to do so

Part of being a seasoned affiliate marketer is getting up every day and writing out content like this. If I didn’t do this, then you would be faced with an empty blog with no articles. So, you probably wouldn’t have even ventured into my site. My willingness to get up and write articles is completely reflected in how many visitors I get in. Articles sporadically and not very often equals poor visitor retention.  

So how do I motivate myself to get up every day out of my bed to bring you guys up to date and super relevant content without having a boss to kick me up the bum? Even having a wife it’s hard to keep her in the zone of not pestering me every five minutes.

I make sure that I write what I love

You have probably noted that writing what you love is becoming a theme with me. But I can’t stress this enough. If you don’t write what you love, then you won’t be able to come back every day and write more. Think of something you don’t like or are even undecided about. Think of it in your head. And then think about how you would feel getting up everyday writing about that. Doesn’t sound exciting does it?

Yeah, that’s why I say pick a hobby or an activity that you’re already passionate about, and if you don’t have one then explore a little. Now is the time to get out there and find out what you do like doing – hell, you could even write a blog on finding what your hobbies are. Cool, huh?

So, yeah, write what you love, and the rest should take care of itself.

Set yourself some goals

Finding out your boundaries in the beginning is fine. When I first started out writing at home on my own, I found out that I was having very late nights and sleeping through the day. I think some people who suddenly find themselves in a situation with no boss and no rules tend to flaunt the system a little. But once tiredness kicks in and the stresses of real life bears down upon you then you’ll realize that it’s time to get into some form of routine.

Once you’ve found yourself a routine then set some daily goals for your writing. It really doesn’t need to be much. Just, today I will write one article. As time goes by then you can toughen those goals up and set yourself some stringent targets to make before you relax. Before long you’ll find yourself, setting your own targets and meeting your own goals – who needs a boss, right?

Sleep well and don’t skimp on it

Sometimes I can find myself burning the midnight oil and then up early the next morning to meet the goals that I have set for myself, or to meet some deadline for someone else. Whilst this is fine in itself, it wont take long for you to burn completely out. If drawing on my own experience I would definitely say get the sleep that you need, and you will be far more productive.