You’re Not Engaging Enough!

Are you one of those people that have a bounce rate of near 100%? Does your website look clean, lovely, and everything is written absolutely perfectly? Yet nearly everyone that comes to your websites bounces off it?

Yeah, I’ve been there myself in the past. I’ve been working with affiliate programs for many years now. When I started out it was a different story.

When I started out, I thought the best ways to retain visitors was to keep a very nice looking site. You know, one that was up to date with web 2.0, had all the flashy WordPress plugins, and just looked generally great to browse.

But I was dead wrong. In fact, you won’t believe how dead wrong I was.

Some of the most interesting websites I’ve found on the internet have been terrible to browse, and almost clunky with their navigation. But just, the information that I was receiving was just too good not to miss. So, I stayed, and sometimes for hours.

That’s not to say all the good websites on the web are clunky and poorly designed, just that some of them are, and design and good looks is only one part of a good website. The main chunk of keeping your visitors is largely to do with what you say to them and how you say it.

Keep your content on topic

If you’re writing an article about casinos and want people to join a casino you are affiliated with then don’t stray the conversation off onto your pet dog. Keep it relevant and on topic all the time. People come to your website for a reason, not because they want to read you talking about something else.

If you’re a car salesman, talk about cars. If you’re a dating & relationships consultant talk about people. It’s that simple.

Don’t annoy your audience

The last thing you want to do when someone clicks onto your article is start with the premise that your reader is wrong. This will annoy them. If you understand a bit about biology and psychology, then you’ll understand that humans are primed to seek out danger every moment of the day. If we see something that we don’t like, then we’ll immediately shut down and you won’t be able to get anything across after that. The worst offenders are articles that start off with the premise that you’re a racist, or something equally as bad.

You have to assume at all times that your reader is your friend and that you’re talking to them in a relaxed way about a few things. Even if it’s going to be a controversial topic, treat it as a friend you were trying to be controversial with – they’ll be more inclined to hear you out than not.

Make it the go-to place for information

When other websites are giving either confusing or false information to sign up to their affiliate offers, then break it down in small digestible chunks for your audience. The more they understand what you are trying to tell them, the more likely they will want to come back to you.

But keep it simple and straight forward.

Don’t swallow a dictionary when you can easily say the same thing in only a few words. Your readers will really appreciate you for that.