How to overcome writers block as an affiliate

Being an Affiliate writer for a very long time I have certainly seen my bouts of stagnation when I just didn’t know what to write. Sometimes this could last for weeks on end and nothing would get done at all. As an casino affiliate blog owner, having writers block can hinder your progress. However, once you become experienced at writing you will know where to go and what to do to combat this scenario. Luckily for you, this is going to be an article on how to overcome writers block and hopefully there will be some nice hints and tips to help you along the way.  

When stuck with writer’s block write about writer’s block

I laughed when creating this sub-heading because it’s one of my favorite go-to’s when struggling with getting anything written down. Although I really am not struggling from any block right now, getting yourself to write an article about not being able to write can usually get you back into the swing of things. Writing is like a flow. You need to start to overcome it.

Search Google for writing prompts

Depending on your niche and within your current skill set then you can always give google a try for searching for prompts to get you started. Type in writing prompts and you should be presented with a plethora of amazing ideas for you to get started. It doesn’t even need to be for your blog. It could just be a personal essay for yourself to get you started. Expect to see prompts like “If I were a superhero for a day I would be..” also you might want to check out some non-fiction prompts.

Check Pinterest for writing prompts

Pinterest has the largest selection I’ve ever seen on writing prompts. There is literally something for everyone on Pinterest. There are even entire group boards dedicated to starting writing prompts on Pinterest. This place is my go to area for when I struggle with a bit of writer’s block. And it usually starts me off again, raring to go. On a side note, I would definitely recommend setting up your own Pinterest account because it’s one of the most undervalued resources for traffic there is.

Do something different

Sometimes a change of scenery helps. Sometimes I get the block when I’ve been working too hard and my brain just doesn’t seem to work. So perhaps a calm stroll out in some fresh air to break up the day usually helps. Just whatever you do, try and make it different. If when you usually go out, it’s to the beach, then go to the park. Give your mind and body something new to experience and that should get those juices flowing again.

Talk to other people

And last but not least, talk to your friends. Your friends, whilst probably not your direct audience will have great ideas that you probably haven’t thought about yet. I’m always asking my friends because they think differently to me and that’s a good thing. You should definitely utilize that to your advantage. Some of my most popular posts on my website has been suggestions given to me by my friends when I’ve been struggling to come up with ideas.