How to get good content ideas as an affiliate

As an affiliate I’ve had to spend a lot of my time writing articles for my website with the intention to draw people in. How do I do this when sometimes it’s hard to write an article every week? Good affiliate blogs are updated daily, and their content is fresh and reusable always. But how do I keep it fresh and alive daily?

There are several ways to this, and for your eyes only today I’m going to let you into the ways in which I go around gathering content ideas in my head for several weeks in front. If I were you I’d definitely keep a diary so that you can write down any ideas that you may have because they will come thick and fast, and those will certainly help when on some days you have no ideas.

Anyway, on with the show.

Check Google & Google suggestions

One of the best ways to grab content ideas for your articles is to check what google is saying. If you want to write about relationships for a dating site, then you would type in relationships in the google search bar and search suggestions should come up underneath what you have typed. Those are what you’re going to write about. These are what people have typed into google enough times for the search engine to recognize it as a popular result. So, it’s obviously being searched. You should write about it.

Pinterest, Believe it or not

Pinterest is a hot-button gathering of what consumers are looking to buy. Not only does Pinterest have thousands of article suggestions, but it also has entire group boards dedicated to people that have writers block. I mean it, Pinterest is so full of writer’s tips and tricks that you would spend an entire lifetime trying to get through it all.

Check out what similar sites are doing

I good marketer once told me not to reinvent the wheel. Instead of trying to find new and unique ways to drive in an audience – which is such a risky endeavor; I should try and do what other successful people are doing and doing well. Not rip their articles of course because that would be plain plagiarism, but I certainly can write about what they are writing about and check where their main platforms they use for promoting their content. Don’t try and beat them, join them.

Observe your surroundings

A keen, watchful eye will notice article ideas during their general day to day business. Maybe you’re in a supermarket and you see something that relates to what you do, or perhaps you’re down at the beach and you see an altercation between two people that makes you think about some problem solving issue – whatever the case, article ideas can spring up from nowhere if you’ve got the focus to work with it. Walk around with a notepad, or better yet a Dictaphone, and note down all your ideas for later. That way you will literally have an endless stream of content to use daily.