Why writing as an affiliate marketer isn’t as hard as you may think

Affiliate links are everywhere, chances are the last website you were on had one or two affiliate links carefully placed on it. Affiliate marketers are all over the internet. Whenever you click on a link to go “elsewhere” and it sends you to a product or service, then you’re more than likely getting sent to somewhere that gives that place that you left a cut of its profits.

Don’t worry though, it’s mainly how business is done over the internet. Even the big businesses do it when selling their products.

But how do you come up with content all the time? How do you keep people engaged enough to click through on your link to see what it’s all about? Some people can barely write a hundred words, never mind a whole article.

I hear that, it happens. Initially my first articles were barely 300 words. But for me they were HUGE. In time, as you write more, and get better at what you do, then your showcase will expand.

But where to start? How to start?

Write About What You Love

I really mean this, write your passion. A lot of people will tell you to do this and all of them will be correct. I’ll tell you a story:

My first ever adventure was into the make money online niche. I knew it was profitable and I understood everyone wanted to get in on it – but what I didn’t understand is that I had to keep a continual stream of content coming to keep the website fresh and relevant. Yet after the first three articles I ran out of ideas because my knowledge in that subject was limited. I had no idea how to get traffic or how to get subscribers. I only knew that it was profitable if you did it right.

So, after three articles I had to give up. I couldn’t create any more content.

My second venture I tried my passion. Which of course was people, and always will be people. And what do you know? To this day I have written over a thousand articles over the internet (including some in BIG magazines) on the subject of life, relationships, and culture, and I can keep going with these because my mind has an endless supply of topics and content. The trick is in what you love. Trust me.

If you want to grow with your writing, write what you love.

Get out there and meet new people

In the beginning I was a bit of a nomad lone traveler. I wanted to go it alone because I was frightened of making connections with other people. That won’t work at all. In fact, I think you should meet as many people as you can because you just don’t know who’s experience you will need to draw on at any given time. I have an arsenal of hundreds of people I can draw upon, as they do the same with me.

You’ll also learn and grow from these people too, so keep that in mind. Connect with people who are doing the same as you and you will both learn and grow together.