Okay, before we start, I’ll be completely transparent here. I am an online casino affiliate and have been for many years. It’s probably the most profitable niche I’ve tried to date. And the most fun. Thankfully I’ve had the opportunity to meet some of the most skilled people in content generation a man could ever meet. And luckily for you, I’m going to share these with you.  

Let’s start...

#1 Assess need.

There has to be a need for a product. You could write the best article in the world that would salivate even the most hardened penny pitcher  you could ever meet, but if there is no need for the product then no-one is going to be inclined to buy it. Think of it realistically. Is there a demand for it? And are people looking to get it?

A good example would be the choice between being a Salvadorian Chocolate affiliate that sells chocolate to Salvadorians, or a General Worldwide Chocolate affiliate – which one do you think will have the biggest need? Think carefully.

#2 How good is your subject knowledge?

A lot of people have told me in the past that I don’t actually need to have tried something to promote it, but I disagree. Whilst those people are true in essence, you can essentially promote anything you want to – but whether you have tried it or not will come across in you writing, and particularly towards the subject knowledge. Generally speaking, people can smell a fake article a mile off. So, make sure you’re knowledgeable about what you’re going to write. Don’t go writing about the best holidays in Europe if you’ve never been to those destinations yourself.

#3 Title and subheading are everything

You have about one to two seconds to grab a reader’s attention. And with that I should post; Warning: Real Life Example Incoming.. You have to make it count. There’s no point titling your post something general like, “great casinos” for example. I’d much rather title my post, “Here are some of the online casinos we tried, and why we like themYou see? It’s informative and gives the reader an idea of what they are going to be reading in the next few moments of their lives. The article title, “Great Casinos” tells the reader absolutely nothing about what they are going to read.

#4 Don’t be too link happy.

A lot of the big newspapers link out to other places too often. Their articles will be absolutely full of links. Keep your articles low in link power. Maximum two to three links in there at a push. You don’t want to be flagged by google as a spam blog when you’re just starting out. Also, I’d recommend throwing in one or two articles in there with absolutely no links at all.

#5 Make sure your article is beneficial to the reader

You know, I know what you’re promoting is probably really good and really beneficial to people. But nothing turns off a reader more than a blog spamming its products in the readers face. JOIN MY PROGRAM NOW DUDE is not going to get you anywhere. Links should be subtle, and they should gently take the reader away if they need more information. Your entire article should be what the reader came for, and the links away to your programs should be if they require further information. It should be subtle and not in their face. They will trust you more this way.